New Normal Wedding
Kami mengerti bahwa ini semua pernuh arti, maka kami berusaha agar dapat terus memberikan layanan terbaik kami di tengah masa pandemi.
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Pay As You Wish!
Dengan 'Pay As You Wish' kamu bisa menentukan DISCOUNT mu sendiri!
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Customised Packages
New normal wedding customised packages base on your needs.
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Layanan terbaik di masa Pandemi

Kami mengerti segala kondisi kenormalan baru ini, dan kami pun mempersiapkan semuanya sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda termasuk kesiapan tim kami dalam melaksanakan protokol kesehatan sesuai anjuran pemerintah.

Why Thepotomoto?


Thepotomoto dedicate for more 900+ happy couples from all over Indonesia and also overseas,
legal entity (PT), Offline office.


Since 2010 Thepotomoto have so much handle wedding cases, and also already get at various wedding events, not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore, Malaysia & Australia.

Service & Quality

We put service & quality on top our priority. Fast respond, fast output delivery & best materials.



Wedding Package
Rp 25
  • Intimate Wedding
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Wedding Package
Rp 30
  • Regular wedding
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Wedding Package
Rp 37
  • Large wedding
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All offers is very limited!

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Do you care?

Do you care about moment?

Don't let your moment fly away without bring any story for future! let us freeze each laugh & tears with profesional touch.

Do you care about quality?

Quality with affordable price? why not? Thepotomoto able to show prime quality with best price ever, Prove it!

Do you care about Service?

We are guarantee our service is fully to support every brides to be, to facilitate your needs, and always to provide any solution.

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" I’m very picky with whom
I give my trust to.
Determine to choose one vendors needs extra effort for my best day ever, and pick Thepotomoto as my wedding photographer is one of my best decision."
Ardina Rasti
Public figure

Wedding Venue Official Partnership


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